Production Technologies

Our Production Technology

Flexographic printing up to 10 colors

Rotogravure printing up to 11 colors

Offset printing up to 5 colors

Digital printing

Solvent based - solventless lamination

100% print inspection

In house HD flexo plate production

State of the art slitter equipped with 100% print inspection

Our laboratory

At every stage of production, our products are tested in our Quality Control Laboratory and production is done with superior quality understanding.

Friction Coefficient Test

The paper and film material surfaces are started to production process by testing the friction properties according to ASTM D1894 Standard. Our aim is to produce products that meet the standards in line with customer demands.

Thermal Adhesion Test

Materials such as plastic films, paper-plastic composite films are tested for their heat sealability in accordance with ASTM F2029 Standard.

Gas Chromatography Test

GC (Gas Chromatography) Device is used to control the amount of solvent residue on the surface during printing to control the suitability, customer satisfaction and standards are protected.

Unit Weight and Thickness Test

Material thickness test measurements and unit weight measurements , standard controls of underprint materials of products produced in accordance with customer equirements are made.

Humidity Test

Customer satisfaction and standards are protected by making humidity tests of the products produced.